Thursday, 6 September 2012

6 Samples for Art Studio

The theme I have chosen for this semester's studio project is cosmetic testing on animals. I'm not entirely certain what materials and imagery I will use use yet, but I have played around with text and photo manipulation in Photoshop for now.

I used the Fresco filter in the first 3 samples.
Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

Sample 4:

I imported photographs of the paper pulp experiments in these 2 samples.
  Sample 5:

Sample 6:
 This is how I made samples 5 and 6: 
1. Select Image>Adjustments>Black & White on the original colour images.
2. Filter>Artistic> Poster Edges.
3. Right click>Duplicate Layer.
4. Insert a selection from a photograph of paper pulp into a new layer between the other layers.
5. On the duplicated layer select Blending Options>General Blending>Blend Mode>Multiply.
6. Filter>Artistic>Paint Daubs on the paper pulp layer.
7. Insert a colour copy of the original picture on a new layer.
8. Erase around the eye.
9. Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation to bring out the eye.

If I develop these further, I will make up my own brand name(s).

According to PETA, all the brands in these images test on animals. A PDF list of companies that DO TEST on animals, as well as a list of companies which DO NOT TEST on animals, can be found here on PETA's web site:

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